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FDN Life Magazine ISSUE-10-Available-Now
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July – December 2021
(Issue 10)

We chat to entrepreneur Sofia Rego, and freelancer, Jenni Leivo, about their businesses and FDN life. Sir Richard Branson helps humanity usher in the age of commercial space travel. We’ll also look into space business opportunities, and the value of the WP ChatBot WordPress plugin.

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FDN Life Magazine - January to June 2021 - James van der walt - THE TURTLE KEEPER - Starting A Renewable Energy Business
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FDN LIFE MAGAZINE > January to June 2021 (Issue #9)

Issue 9 is here. Welcome to the fully online and virtual, ongoing issue of FDN Life Magazine for January to June 2021. In this issue we’ll be taking a look at the Digital Nomad Visa, Renewable Energy Entrepreneurship, Space Junk, and many more!

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FDN Life Advert - Swiss Escape

SWISS ESCAPE > Organize Your Retreat

SWISS ESCAPE > Organize Your Retreat – Swiss Escape is located in the charming village of Grimentz in Switzerland. The chalets are surrounded by the mountains and you have easy access to hiking, mountain biking, lakes and ski lifts.

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FDN Life Magazine - Issue 8 - July to September 2020 - Premium Magazine for Freelancers, Digital Nomads, Remotes, Location Independent Startups, Business Owners, Hustlers and Entrepreneurs
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FDN LIFE MAGAZINE > July – August 2020 Issue Is Here!

Issue 8 is Here! The strategy and inspiration issue to help you and your FDN business succeed during and post-Covid-19 restrictions. Get helpful insight and info about business management, personal development and home-office setup for maximum effectiveness.

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Hide My WP Admin Ghost Plugin - Review by FDN Life

Hide My WP Ghost Plugin

Keep your WordPress website safe and secure with Hide My WP Ghost, which is a WordPress Security plugin. It changes and hides WP common paths for the Best WP Security against hacker bots.

All the WordPress common paths can be changed together with the plugins and themes names.

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