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FDN LIFE MAGAZINE - Issue 4 featuring Sofia Rego on the Benefits of Ayurvedic Body Treatments and Massage for Tired Bodies and Minds - Reflexology




Do you feel the strain of this year’s stresses pulling you down into a pit of depression and overall body tiredness? Then it’s perhaps time to spoil yourself to a healing, Ayurveda body treatment and massage.

As a professional massage therapist who has worked with some of the most popular 5-star spa companies in the world, such as ESPA, I know and understand how tired and withered many people feel at the end of the year. It’s as if the year’s many stressors and issues are starting to pull us down into a pit of agony and despair, not only mentally but physically. Shoulders are starting to ache more. It’s harder to get out of bed. And we feel tired early in the day though we had a solid 8-hours of sleep.

The festive season is the ideal time to pay attention to your body, mind, and soul, since you need your body to carry you again in 2020 and the many years beyond. Furthermore, by taking good care of ourselves, we can help our bodies against pre-mature illness and chronic fatigue.

One way to help your body, mind, and soul unwind and de-stress this festive season is to book an Ayurveda body treatment and massage; ideally, a package of 2 – 3 treatments if you are feeling very stressed and have some serious muscle pains and spasms.


Known as one of the world’s oldest holistic healing systems, Ayurveda is said to have first been practiced by sages in India after they received knowledge from the Gods. In practice, Ayurvedic professionals see the physical (body), mind (mental), and soul (personality) as individual units (elements) that can each influence thee other. Therefore, during Ayurveda, practitioners not only focus on the illness of the patient but also on all three aspects since all three can cause or be responsible for feeling unwell. In Ayurveda, it is also known that there are various srotas (channels) that transport fluids in our body, but if they are blocked or unhealthy, it can cause illness. To open the channels, massage treatments with oil and Swedanais used.

Most modern-day Ayurveda massage therapists combine the knowledge of both ancient and modern, and by combining these two, they are better equipped as a holistic massage therapist to help you achieve your health and wellness goals. To benefit the most from a massage treatment, I would strongly recommend finding a reputable Ayurveda therapist and booking a sequence of treatments once a week.

Possible Ayurveda treatments and massages to consider:


One of the most used Ayurvedic massage treatments is Abhyanga. The word ‘abhyanga’ in Sanskrit means ‘massaging the body’s limbs’ or ‘glowing body,’ and is a powerful and ancient treatment to help strengthen our mind (mental health) and body (physical health). During the treatment, only dosha-specific oils are used. These oils are infused with herbs and selected based on your dosha. Abhyanga massage can also be done by yourself at home. Ancient traditions practiced Abhyanga massage regularly since it is beneficial for helping to improve the immune system, helps with sleep, combats fatigue, has rejuvenating properties, and aids hair growth and sight.

What Is A Dosha?

Why are some people hyperactive while others are more easy-going?
Why do some of us prefer getting up early in the morning while others are night-owls?

According to ancient Ayurvedic traditions, this is because human beings have mainly three biological energies (doshas) that flow through their bodies and minds, and these energies are responsible for mental and physical wellbeing. Everyone person’s energy combination is a little different, and as such, each of us have a unique energy blueprint.

The three energy systems (doshas) are known as Vata, Pitta, and Kapha and is derived from the five main elements on earth – Fire, Air, Water, Space, and Earth.


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VATA = Space & Air
Vata personalities are characterized by space and air, and therefore, such persons are quick thinkers, usually thin and fast-moving.

PITTA = Fire & Water
Pitta personalities have the main elements of fire and water, and is known to be fiery in nature and prone to oily skin.

KAPHA = Water & Earth
A calm temperament and ‘solid’ body structure are commonly known as Kapha types since they are soft moving like water and is close to the earth.

FDN LIFE MAGAZINE - Issue 4 featuring Sofia Rego on the Benefits of Ayurvedic Body Treatments and Massage for Tired Bodies and Minds - Reflexology


I am often asked what the benefit of Swedish Massage is and how it differs from Deep Tissue Massage. Ayurveda Swedish Massage involves nearly the same techniques, but where-as Deep Tissue focuses on penetrating deep into the muscle, Swedish massage focuses on non-invasive strokes that will not harm the muscles or leave you sore. Swedish Massage has the following benefits:

Blood Flow
Swedish Massage can assist with circulation since we use long, stroking motions in the direction of blood flow towards the heart. This helps to open up the blood vessels and increases blood flow.

Helps With Flexibility
A more extensive range of motion is realized if we are more flexible. When we incorporate both Swedish Massage and stretching into a regular health regimen, our overall flexibility improves.

Swedish Massage is especially useful to help naturally manage pain, especially for the elderly suffering from osteoarthritis or chronic pain.

Improves Mood
This type of massage is extremely relaxing and soothing, especially if you are feeling very stressed. We are not applying direct pressure to the inner muscles, but instead applying just enough pressure to help your stressed body relax as a whole.

There are various other benefits apart from the above mentioned, but these are some of the most beneficial advantages. If you have any questions about Swedish Massage, do let me know. I would love to hear from you.


This holistic treatment has various health benefits, including the release of tension in the neck, head, and scalp, as well as rebalancing the body and mind. Ancient traditions used Indian Head Massage to improve scalp and hair conditions. Today, Indian Head Massage incorporates ancient and modern techniques through acupressure points that are stimulated on the head, neck, scalp, shoulders, and face. Indian Head Massage is known as one of the most relaxing treatment experiences.

FDN LIFE MAGAZINE - Issue 4 featuring Sofia Rego on the Benefits of Ayurvedic Body Treatments and Massage for Tired Bodies and Minds - Reflexology


The study of reflexology comprises the belief that there are reflex points located in our feet, hands, and head that are directly linked to parts of our body. For example, if you have a headache, merely stimulating and ‘opening’ the reflex points in the hands and feet related to the head could bring immense relief. During a reflexology treatment, your therapist will focus on stimulating and opening the reflex points in your hands and feet to rebalance your body and mind.


By combining a body scrub that pre-cedes a massage, we help to cleanse the body from any dead skin cells. A body scrub can be with sea salt, almond kernels, or any other type of scrub herb-infused substance.  Body scrubs are fantastic in helping with blood flow, circulation, and overall skin appearance. Opt for a Swedish, Hot Stone or Deep Tissue massage after a body scrub.

FDN LIFE MAGAZINE - Issue 4 featuring Sofia Rego on the Benefits of Ayurvedic Body Treatments and Massage for Tired Bodies and Minds - Reflexology


The ancient tradition of hot stone massage has been around for ages. There are definite benefits to having an Ayu Hot Stone massage, such as:

Goes Deeper Than Skin Deep
Where Deep Tissue Massage focuses on penetrating the muscle with pressure, hot stone therapy is not that invasive but still provides the same muscle release benefits since the heat from the stones soothes the muscle first before relieving tension.

Aids Against Muscle Spasms
Since we slowly warm up the muscles, hot stone therapy can help fight muscle spasms.

Hot stone therapy is not only incredibly relaxing and beneficial to the whole body, but it also helps with movement if used in conjunction with stretching.

Pain & Other Ailments
Individuals suffering from pain often associated with arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibrillation, and overall muscle spasms and pain can benefit from hot stone massage.

Excellent Stress Reliever
Ayu Hot Stone Massage is excellent for tired bodies, minds, and souls who just want to relax but also benefit from a healing treatment.


A large number of women have asked me if it is ‘ok’ to have a massage during pregnancy, especially since generations of women before them, such as a loving mom or grandma, often warn against it. Yet, there are many benefits, especially since prenatal massage is adapted for pregnant women and helps to relieve stress during pregnancy. Prenatal Massage have the following benefits:

FDN LIFE MAGAZINE - Issue 4 featuring Sofia Rego on the Benefits of Ayurvedic Body Treatments and Massage for Tired Bodies and Minds - Pregnancy Massage

Complements Therapy
During a Prenatal Massage, the treatment is tailored to the expecting mother and how far along she is in the pregnancy. Each treatment is done with the utmost care to ensure it benefits the woman; therefore, it is the perfect complementary choice to prenatal care.

Healthy Stress Reliever
Prenatal Massage is the healthy choice to help a pregnant woman with stress and helps them relax and restore strength.

Helps with Usual Pregnancy Pain & Aches
Prenatal Massage can help with the discomfort pregnant woman experience, such as a stiff neck, leg cramps and swelling, back pain, and headaches.

Relaxes Nervous System & Improves Sleep
Another significant benefit is how well Prenatal Massage promotes better sleep in a woman since it relaxes the woman’s over-stressed nervous system.

Woman that experience anxiety during pregnancy benefit in that a prenatal treatment is often very calming, soothing, and relaxing.

So, if you had reservations about having a prenatal treatment, stress not, it can help you in many ways.

FDN LIFE MAGAZINE - Issue 4 featuring Sofia Rego on the Benefits of Ayurvedic Body Treatments and Massage for Tired Bodies and Minds



I am Sofia Felicidade Rego, Holistic Advisor and Massage Therapist, and the owner of my one-lady company, Fia Ayur Wisdom, here in Sweden.
I have been a professional holistic therapist since 2005 after I finished my studies in Ayurveda, with specialization in massage therapy.
After many years of training with other like-minded experts, I‘ve learned to share my experience through a combination of service and education. I’m a passionate healer with an alternative approach, and I’m dedicated to helping my clients move through a wide range of physical, emotional, and spiritual transitions in the most efficient and transformative way possible.

Email: [email protected]





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