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FDN Life Magazine
– Sept-Oct 2019 –
Issue 3!

Read the 3rd issue of FDN Life Magazine for September to October 2019 - the premium work and lifestyle magazine by and for freelancers, digital nomads, remotes and location independents


Never before has there been so many opportunities available to freelancers, digital nomads, remotes, and location independents (FDNs). Not to even speak of opportunities for FDN couples working together; a way of life that is currently on the rise among millennial’s and Gen Z.

If you are an FDN couple or thinking about working, starting a business, and/or living together, this issue is for you!

We connected with FDN couples from around the world to learn more about their lives and how they overcome obstacles. We also feature valuable insider tips and strategies for keeping sane when working with a partner. Hey! Don’t judge. It’s not always easy.

Proud to be single? We still have plenty of articles for you in this issue. Gain insight into how your personal philosophy about life, love and money might be holding you back. The best gear to use if you are into adventure location independence such as camping and outdoor nomadism. Our entertainment section boasts all the latest books, movies, series and games for September and October.

With so much to read and learn, this issue is a keeper for many years to come.

Happy reading!

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