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28 New & Free Tab Features in your My Account on FDN Life!




For the past months we have been hard at work to create a premium platform for FDNs from around the world. And we have done it!

Our all new ‘My Account’ area and profile hub is looking great! 

During our beta testing phase, you are exclusively invited to come and have a look, and let us know what you think. We would love to hear your insights, improvement suggestions and which addtional functions you would like to see in your My Account and profile area?

Simply login to your FDN Life Account by going here.Once logged in, you should be automatically re-directed to your account. If this does not happen, click on the “My Account” tab in the menu bar.

Check out all the new features and fuctions developed by and for fellow FDNs just like you.

FDN Life My Account Preview
The all new ‘My Account’ and profile hub area of FDN Life was developed to help FDNs from around the world quickly access their profile, information, connections, purchases, account details, and many more. 

You will notice tabs for a variety of functions, such as:

  • ABOUT – Any personal bio information that you would like to share with other FDNs. Most often used by our FDN Life Contributors. 

  • GROUPS – Direct access to the FDN Life Exclusive Group – our very own private group focused on freelancers, digital nomads, remotes and location independents. 

  • BLOG – If you have contributed any articles to FDN Life, or create a post under your name, it will appear here. FDN Life Contributors can also use this tab to view all the articles written for FDN Life Magazine.

    FDN Life Blog Tab Preview
  • MESSAGES – Your own private messaging platform to connect and chat with FDN Life Friends. Find and add an FDN Life Friend through the Friend Finder portal. (Should you wish to keep your Profile private and excluded from Friend Finder, you may do so by going to ‘Settings’ – ‘Privacy’.)

  • NOTIFICATIONS – Updates from a group or forum you joined, or direct messages waiting for your attention.

  • FORUM – Join any 4 FDN Life Forums, and any info related to your Forum wll pop-up here.

  • MEMBERSHIP – For member or subcription specific information, including content or special discounts related to your membership.

  • COURSES – Coming Soon! Access your courses account or checkout all the latest FDN Life courses.

  • KNOWLEDGE – We are in the process building a database of resources specificly for FDNs, but for now we have added a Glossary of Terms for you. Let us know which terms you would like to see here.

  • CLUB – Coming Soon! – Special announcement regarding our 3-clubs will be made in the next weeks. 

  • EVENT BOOKINGS – Schedule your FDN Life Events for Free on FDN Life or checkout any upcoming FDN Life events.

  • PRODUCT REVIEWS – Thank you for leaving us a product review! Keep track of any reviews on FDN Life Products you made here.

  • CART – View any pending products in your cart.

  • FRIENDS – A list of your FDN Life Friends, Friend Requests and Sent Requests.

  • And many more . . .

ACCESS GROUP & 14-ADDITIONAL FUNCTIONSAccess FDN Life Group & Additional Functions
  • SETTINGS – At the very left of your ‘My Account’ tab menu, will you find three dots. (Indicated in the No 1 arrow in the image above.) This is the ‘Settings’ tab featuring 14-additional functions:

    • ACCOUNT DETAILS – Update your name, family name or email address here.


    • FDN REWARDS – The FDN Life Rewards program allows you the chance to accumalate points for participation, product purchases, reviews, group & forum activity, referalls, and many more. FDN Life Rewards can later be exchanged for gift vouchers that can be used on FDN Life Products, Courses, Membership and FDN Life Services in the FDN Life Shop.

    • MY ORDERS – View a list of any purchases you made, as well as access FDN Life Magazine through this fuction.



    • REGISTRATIONS – View, edit or review any forms or registrations completed by you on FDN Life. Example, the FDN Life Contributor Registration Form or FDN Life Advertiser Registration Form.


    • INBOX – Your private inbox that connects you directly with FDN Life. Any correspondance we send you direclty through the FDN Life Platform will go here. Check it regularly for special offers just for you!

    • DOWNLOADS – If you have downloaded any products such as files or Action Kits, regain access to them here if you want to download again.

    • ADDRESS – A quick overview of your billing and shipping address.

    • PRIVACY – Set your profile and account to ‘Private,’ ‘Everyone,’ ‘Friends,’ ‘Group Members,’ ‘Friends & Group Members,’ ‘Only Me.’ You may also opt to hide you profile from Groups, Directories and Search Results. (Please note that changes may take up to 24-hours to reflect.)

    • DELETE ACCOUNT – We would be very sad to see you go. But we understand life happens, so if you want to delete your account it can be done here. 

  • Click on the ‘Group’ tab to access the FDN Life Exclusive Group if you are an Exclusive Member.

    Thank you for being part of our growing FDN Life Community. Enjoy your all new account and profile hub.

    Enjoy a fabulous week!

    Kind regards,
    Marie-Berdine & Rakesh
    Fellow FDNs & Founders of FDN Life
    FDN Life is the premium work and lifestyle platform dedicated to Freelancers, Digital Nomads, Remotes  and Location Independent Startups, Side-Hustlers and Enterepreneurs from around the world. (Collectively known as FDNs). 
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