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Top 5 FREE AI Tools to Accelerate Work on Freelance Projects


PART 2 – AI FOR FREELANCERS Top FREE AI Tools to Accelerate Work on Freelance Projects

Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Freelancers Today

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free ai tools – ai for freelancers – midjourney for freelancers – chatgpt for freelancers – free ai tools for freelancers – AI FOR FREELANCERS > Top 5 FREE AI Tools to Accelerate Work on Freelance Projects



Ever felt like you don’t have enough hours in the day as a freelancer? Juggling everything from client management, marketing your services, to accounting, project task completion, and much more?

Time is of the essence for most of us freelancers, and maximizing your time can help with morale, additional income generation, and delivering work that is of higher quality.

Therefore, spending time on redundant, repetitive tasks is no longer viable, and freelancers, now more than ever, need to find ways to improve and upgrade the automation processes in their business.

Fortunately, advances in artificial intelligence have led to the creation of several free AI tools that can help freelancers work more efficiently and effectively.

In this article, we’ll explore the top free AI tools (and some quality, paid for options)  that freelancers can use to accelerate their work on freelance projects.

The Top
FREE Artificial Intelligence - AI Tools For Freelancers
To Help Accelerate Work on Projects
AI FOR FREELANCERS > Top 5 FREE AI Tools to Accelerate Work on Freelance Projects. Ai tools for freelancers. midjourney for freelancers. chatgpt for freelancers.
We generated this sample image with a short prompt in MidJourney.
Payment Options For Freelancers Worldwide

If you're a US, Canadian or European based freelancer, you most probably don't have any problem with getting paid via a payment method of your choice.

Yet, for freelancers from other countries, especially Africa and Asia, payment options are most always a problem. From receiving your earnings on popular freelancer platforms such as Upwork, Freelancer and Udemy, to processing payments on your own website. (Especially payments on ones own website.) Furthermore, automating transactions and accounting can still be problematic, especially working in multi-currencies.

Luckily, payment platforms such as Payoneer, Stripe and PayPal makes it affordable and much easier now for most freelancers, no matter which country they hail from, to receive payments.

Furthermore, with the advancement in AI technology, freelancers can now integrate Payoneer, Stripeand PayPal directly into their ERP, CRM, WordPress website, accounting software, or most others software via API to automate most accounting and order processes.

Stripe Radar is Stripe's fraud prevention solution, which ensures payments are protected. It uses machine learning, and have been in development for many years now. The Radar's algorithms is highly intuitive, and can detect fraudulent transactions.

For freelancers looking for a payment solution in multi-currency, which is also accommodated by an ATM card and virtual card option, we highly recommend Payoneer.

Accounting Made Quicker & Easier

Accounting is one of the industries where there is a lot of repetition of tasks. Some systems also still works on double-entry methodology, which is often one of the most time-consuming elements of doing your accounting.

If you're a freelancer looking for a more streamlined, easy-to-use, and easy-to-integrate option, then accounting software with AI components might just be the way to look.


Online accounting software that can be connected to all your payment options, your website, and the platforms you work on, is the way forward for most freelancers who want to automate accounting.

As a matter of fact, accounting automation is actually nothing new. And one of the first models build with artificial learning.

Consider free online accounting software such as WAVE if you are a freelancer in the US looking for a free and affordable, easy-to-use, online solution.

QuickBooks Online is still one of the most comprehensive accounting tools that automates almost all aspects of accounting.

If you don't like your accounting in the cloud, and need a more private solution, consider buying your own software that you can install on your own server. Marketplaces such as CodeCanyonoffers various software solutions you can pick from.

For a complete, ERP, CRM, HR & Accounting option, Zoho One all-in-one solution might be a viable option. Especially for larger Freelancer Agencies.

Website Design Tools - WordPress

Though website design tools and platforms such as WIX and Squarespace have certainly become popular, you can only go that far in website development on these platforms. Which, are hugely overpriced and under serving when it comes to companies who require a more robust, advance website design and development.

One of the most used, and favorite website design CMS software in the world remains WordPress.

The possibilities of building your website with WordPress are endless, with countless FREE and PRO themes and plugins to pick from.

Furthermore, WordPress is ever advancing into the future. We've seen excellent strides being made by WordPress to move away from the need of heavy page builder plugins to it's faster-loading, block-editor methodology such as Gutenberg.

Large plugin and theme developers such as Astra and Kadence for example, are already re-developing their plugins to facilitate block-editing.

With WordPress, you can design any type of website, and use API to integrate any type of software to automate. Add the free WooCommerce to create an eCommerce store to your website, and you already have most of it setup to start selling your own products and services.

Create Excellent Content

For the moment, ChatGPT is still free. Not sure for how long that will continue to be so.

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence chatbot by OpenAI that you can use to create content in a flash. It's super easy to use, and the content generated is pretty good.

  • Always double check the content generated with a copyright software. Although most content produces by ChatGPT is plagiarism free, it sometimes does tend to use phrases from existing content that the author might consider copyrighted.
  • Use ChatGPT more as an idea generator, and a starting point for creating your own content. It's not a superpower. Yet. Therefore, use it with caution. Especially if you are a content producer / writer.
  • Fact check all the information produced by ChatGPT as it tends to generalize concepts across industries.  If you write scientific articles, information that need to be based on facts and research, then ChatGPT might not be the best option. Use it instead as a form of introduction and conclusion generator for your article, but continue to research all your facts thoroughly before writing the body of your article.
Create Beautiful Images & Graphics in 60-Seconds

One of the most well-know and powerful image generation artificial intelligence software on the market is creatively MidJourney.

With MidJourney's free trial version, you can create up to 25 images for free.
We tested the trial version and found the prompt system easy to use.

You might not always get what you want though, so we do recommend teaming it up with ChatGPT so that you can create prompts the image AI can understand better, for more accurate results.

There are other free image and graphic AI tools as well, such as:

  • Artbreeder - With  the free account you can create unlimited images, and you have 3 image upload options.
  • DALL-E - Another OpenAI product, DALL-E 2 is an AI system that can help you create realistic looking art and images.
  • NightCafe - Create beautiful art without necessarily knowing how to paint, sculpt or design. NightCafe Studio is easy to use, and can help you create the artwork you can often only visualize in your mind.
  • Stable Diffusion - For art lovers and art creators, the Stable Diffusion AI might just be the thing. They also have platform API's, a Photoshop and Blender Plugin, which makes it easy to generate artwork in your favorite 3D software.

How do you find using AI tools in your freelance business?
Does it make life easier or do you have concerns?

Whether you desire to use AI and automation tools in your freelance business, or not, we hope that our article listing the current top AI tools was helpful.

Enjoy a wonderful day!

free ai tools - ai for freelancers - midjourney for freelancers - chatgpt for freelancers - free ai tools for freelancers - AI FOR FREELANCERS > Top 5 FREE AI Tools to Accelerate Work on Freelance Projects





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