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FDN Life Magazine - Issue 8 - July to September 2020 - Get Out of the Mental Covid-19 Lockdown Rut & Depression


Get Out Of The Mental Covid-19 Lockdown Rut



In a mental and emotional rut since lockdown? Don’t put your life on hold any longer. Take action today. Don’t wait. Don’t procrastinate any longer. Don’t use the post-lockdown or situation in the world to sit around and wait for better days. Now is the time of spring to plant useful seeds in your garden, and keep a watchful eye during the excruciatingly hot summer months that are coming to ensure the weeds and notorious insects doesn’t destroy your hard work. Your soul, body, mind, and future generations will be thankful that you did.

The following are a series of helpful strategies we’ve personally used in our business and personal lives to help us change from within, to ensure continued progress during the post-Covid-19 world that is emerging. I hope that these will help you as well towards a life of health, wealth, appreciation, compassion, and higher-consciousness.


When our local lockdown was announced mid-March for a duration of 3-weeks, and then later extended for 5, we made a choice:

“This lockdown is background noise and is not going to affect us getting up every day. We will commit to doing the work that needs to be done to ensure our businesses and the livelihood that everyone depends on from it, continues to press ever forward towards achieving our ultimate goals and dreams. Yes, we understand that the pandemic is a serious situation. Yes, we understand the way that human society (the world humans have created for themselves) as we knew it, and our local economy, might collapse. The difference is that we will not back down from maintaining our goals and focus, even if that means working harder and longer hours than ever before. We will commit ourselves to adapt and improve ourselves.

We will not succumb to outside pressure due to lockdown propaganda spread to ensue fear and paralysis. We will not give in to fear or let it overwhelm us. We will face our fears, and continue to improve and develop the necessary skills to ensure our emotions do not overrule good judgment.

We will not entertain the overload of information circulating to influence our focus and determination. We will not use the pre- and post-lockdown situation to sit around and wait idly. We will not use the Covid-19 situation as an excuse. We will not sit around lazily, or treat lockdown and post-Covid-19 restrictions as a time to relax and ‘wait out the storm.’

We will though, use the time productively, pro-actively, wisely, and as a training ground for what might come in the future. We will continue to self-educate, take action, and learn new skills so that we can bring more value to the marketplace, adapt when necessary to thrive in the type of society we desire to live in, and commit to working harder and longer hours to ensure we stay on track – mentally, emotionally, health-wise, and in business.”

For many of us, FDNs who have been working from home for a long-time (and digital nomads working and traveling), lockdown and post-lockdown restrictions and having to work from home is nothing new. We’ve been doing it for several years now, and is used to running our businesses from anywhere in the world. We have also developed strategies for dealing with mental, social, and physical isolation and integrating home life with work. We, after all, quit our day jobs and chose this lifestyle to gain flexibility and more control over our life and destiny.

Yet, if you are one of the billions who for the first time in your life need to work and live from home, know that it is understandable that you are struggling to adapt and focus. I understand you are feeling overwhelmed, and the stress and fear of loss of income are having a severe impact on you and your family. I understand there are billions of poor people that are suffering, who have not had a single meal in over a week in their countries after governments brutally and without caring much about the impact on the poorest, shut down local economies. I know you feel as if your future is in jeopardy.

Getting lost within your mind though is not going to get you anywhere. It’s ok to feel loss and pain, but do not succumb to staying in that mode for more than a day or two. Billions of people around the world are facing the same challenges. Everyone is wondering which steps to take next, or what they should do to ensure their livelihood. These can all be stressful things to think about, and I understand you often feel fear and eventual paralysis. “Let me wait and see what happens,” you say to yourself. “Let me watch another movie to take my mind off things.”

Right now, stop what you are doing and go deep within yourself for some much-needed self-analysis.

Are you really paralyzed?
Is it worthwhile to watch another movie or binge-watch the newest season of another boring, no-brains, predicable over-dramatized Hollywood series?
Are there things you could do right now to improve your situation?


Now is the time to work harder than ever before. Now is the time of spring to plant and grow your garden and guard it vigorously against the threats from all direction so that you alongside everyone that depends on you, may find their place in the new type of society (hopefully more sustainable, practical and equal) that we as a human race can create if we put our minds, souls and effort into it.


“Knowledge is power,” the famous saying goes. Over the years though, I’ve learned that incorrect ‘knowledge’ (false or fake truths) can be our downfall, while the correct knowledge (truth) can be our saving grace.

When it comes to findingtruthful knowledge though, there are so many sources and opinions out there that it can become confusing to know what is fact and what is fiction. We are all at different emotional, physical, and mental developmental levels in our life, with different levels of consciousness. Luckily, each of us has the inner power to change our inner world whenever we choose to do so.

Finding the correct knowledge is all about keeping an open mind that you don’t know everything, and never will. Ego can become one of the biggest traps to gaining knowledge and consciousness. We have to keep in mind that one person’s truth is not everyone else’s truth. Now more than ever, watch out for the traps of ego. Keep an open mind.


Fundamental knowledge has for millennia been essential to the survival of all beings on planet Earth. Since each dimensional world is made up of fundamental laws that govern its existence or in-existence, certain laws apply. On Earth, we are currently living in a 3rd-dimensional world that is governed by certain 3rd-dimensional fundamental laws that we have to follow to survive and sustain ourselves. Aspects such as gravity, water, oxygen, and quality soil are needed for day to day living. If these seize to exist, we die. These are non-negotiable fundamental laws, and those who understand these laws are said to be wise and therefore have knowledge.

Then there are human-made laws, such as the laws of a country, financial laws, social laws, cultural laws, and you name it. These are not fundamental laws (non-fundamental) of nature. These laws can be changed by us as humans at any time, as is happening right now in countries around the world. The laws of finance are changing. The laws of society are changing. The way we think about the world system that we as humans created, is changing.

Though we say that ‘the world will never be the same again,’ that is not true when you consciously think about it and put things into perspective. Change has been the only constant in our universe for trillions of years. Just because the latest generations on Earth have never had to deal with changes happening on a worldwide scale, doesn’t mean it has never happened.

Throughout millennia, humanity has been hit by catastrophe; forced to change their ways, and adapt to create a ‘new’ way of living or surviving. A ‘new world’ has emerged thousands if not millions of times. Yet, a ‘new world’ concept is only in the minds of us as humans. To nature, animals, and Mother Earth, there is no such thing as a ‘new world’ or a better world. Life continues on for all aspects of life, except in the minds of humans. It is within the mind of a human that their perspective is created. It is each individual’s unique perspective that defines theirconcept of ‘the world,’ which is in essence their world.

The perspective we hold of ‘the world’ is a congruent of years of information gathering and assumptions, computed to fill up our brain matter.


Just because we do not remember the last catastrophe doesn’t mean change has never happened. Yes, society, as we knew it post-Covid-19, might no longer be, but we should not get so trapped in our own minds to think change such as this has never happened. Furthermore, ‘the world’ that we keep referring to is society or civilization. As mentioned before, the natural world does not care for the troubles of humans nor that the economy is collapsing. The global market and stock prices falling are of no consequence to mother Earth. (Though she, planets and animal life might have been too happy that they could finally breathe fresh air during the week’s humans self-isolated. 😊)

There is nothing new in ‘the world’. The only ‘new’ changes that we as humans perceive are the changes taking place in our society, government, law, etc. All those non-fundamental laws that were never written in stone anyways.

For any civilization to gain higher consciousness, it eventually has to outgrow its toddler shoes. Gaining higher consciousness, and becoming better humans comes with a lot of growing pains and inconveniences. Such has been the way of things for Earth humans for millions of years; change happens gradually and often painfully. Especially change for what we perceive to be better.

We still have the same elements to work with. We still have the soil, the rain, the seasons, and other elements that we have to use. We can’t change these, as they are fundamentals. But when it comes to human-made laws (non-fundamental laws) change is the only constant. That’s the way it is, no one can change these unless we cause the Earth to collapse and extinguish all life forms with it.


I know right now you might be feeling down in the dumps, or unable to think of what the future might hold.  These ‘feelings’ might just be your biggest obstacle. Unfortunately, instead of continuing to progress spiritually and consciously as fast as our technology has, humanity’s mental and psychological capabilities have been steadily degrading over the last 25-years.

Nowadays, what one feelsis more highly regarded than common sense or what is needed to survive and create a sustainable and peaceful society, and co-existence of all beings and non-beings on our 3rd-dimensional planet. Humans always cry about ‘creating a better world’, yet, when the opportunity arises to create a society that is more civilized and conscious, these suggested changes are met with a great deal of resistance.

Think for example of the resistance most of the biggest prophets in history have had to go through, and the long-lasting effects they had brought to society? Buddha, Muhammad, and Jesus all have this in common.

To attain higher consciousness, and for us as human beings to create the sustainable, peaceful, and more equal ‘world’ that we desire, we have to upgrade our own consciousness. Attaining a higher level of civilization is only done by gaining full control over one’s emotions and feelings, and taking full responsibility for one’s own life and outcomes.

Emotions and feelings are great tools to survive and thrive in this 3rd-dimensional world of ours, to a certain degree. If over-used, as with any tool, it runs the risk of ruining your life. I’ve been there too. Right up until my 23rd birthday it was common that my generation (millennials) believed the pursuit of happiness, one’s passions, and paying attention to how one felt, was the highest principle. Though each generation certainly brings about exciting and innovative changes, it’s not to say all changesand concepts are for the good of all. Some changes can cause humanitarian regression and planetary harm. Unfortunately, the self-righteous, self-centered, and me-me perspective has caused regression among the largest parts of human society today.

People have become so ‘sensitive’ that common sense and fundamental knowledge is pushed out the door. ‘Political correctness’ has reached ludicrous proportions in most instances, where a simple joke can land one in jail. Mental health issues are at an all-time high, which is mindboggling considering we have more comforts and conveniences than any other generation in history on this planet.

Once I started learning that I have full control over my mental and emotional states and that I have to take responsibility for who I am and who I’ll become, I became very observant towards ‘feelings’ and managing these more effectively. Feelings are, after all, perceptions built up over many years within our minds. But these perceptions can often be misinterpretations or faulty assumptions that lead us into troubled waters instead of helping us.

Watch out forfeelings. Guard youremotions with compassion and great care for yourself. There is a big difference between making decisions from a state of emotion and how it ‘feels’, to doing so from a higher level of consciousness where you are in control at all times.

Emotions and feelings can become the biggest trap to our human evolution (as well as attaining higher consciousness) and adapting in a human-made changing environment. If you focus too much on what you feel, focusing too much on what is going on inside of your mind, you will soon notice that your body, mind, and soul is neglected and left vulnerable.

Nature does not care about what humans think. Fundamental laws do not care about humans or that ‘the world’ (society/civilization/government) that humans have created for themselves, is falling apart due to Covid-19. The collapsing economy does not affect the fundamentals laws of nature. Mother Earth and all our animals do not care for money nor that they don’t have a house to live in.


And that is just it. The key to salvation. The key to peace. The key to happiness…

If you spend too much time in your mind, and you forget to follow the fundamental laws of nature to survive, you will come to a point in your life where your mind will become your biggest threat. The prison you create for yourself.

While we live in a 3rd-dimensional world, it is important to understand and follow the fundamental laws and build your mind, body, and soul into a higher being so that the non-fundamental human-made laws have less effect on you in future.

The fundamental and non-fundamental knowledge we have right now on Earth, are all tools we as beings can use to become who we want to be. If you desire to attain higher consciousness, you have to gain control over your whole being.

Once we have evolved enough into a 4th or 5th-dimensional ‘world’ (which I doubt anyone would want since humans are so attached to their privacy), then and only then the fundamental laws of the 3rd dimension seize to exist.


Emotions and feelings are only two of the elements that make us human beings. To live a good life, one that you are proud of and that is in sync with doing what is in balance with the fundamental’s laws of this planet, you have to understand the importance of balancing every aspect of who you are.

You can’t be spending too much time in your mind. You can’t be spending too much time entangled in your emotions. You can’t only focus on nourishing your body while neglecting everything else. The body, mind, soul, and all other elements of beingness have to come into balance within you. They work as a unity, not a singularity. Just as your PC needs all its components to function optimally, we as human beings need to take care of all our components. By relying on or developing one component more than the others, that component will later cause the whole machine to crash. Life is not a singularity, it is a combination of many elements, seen and unseen.

During this time when Covid-19 is causing havoc, it will be important to gain control over your emotions and pay attention to ‘feelings’ that lead to depression. Take responsibility and action. Right now, not later. Now is the time to find quality knowledge, and grow a powerful mindset that will set you free from the prison your mind, emotions, and feelings can become.

The main goal of being on Earth, in this 3rd-dimensional world, after all, is for all of us to grow into more evolved beings.


I’ve been staggered by the outcry of people who are furious that they can’t buy cigarettes or alcohol during the lockdown. Are you kidding?

If ever there is a time to realize that the crutch of alcohol or cigarettes is an addiction, it is now. Your body does not need cigarettes. Your mind struggles with alcohol. You know well enough these causes harm to your body, mind, and soul, and yet you want to continue pushing it into your body?

Now more than ever, it is so important to let go of addictions. You need to be fully conscious to take in the energies that are driving the setup of a ‘new society and civilization’ being created as we speak. If you continue to numb down your senses and mind with addictions, you might miss out on the biggest transformation among humanity in centuries.


It is our duty as human beings to continue progressing, and gain higher consciousness. Most of us on this planet came for that very reason. It is no easy task, yes. Yet, if you are a being that has been sent to this planet for the very reason of helping others attain higher-consciousness, now is the time for you to use the true knowledge and power that you have brought during this incarnation, to help establish the new civilization homo sapiens have been crying for-for millennia.

To a new civilization emerging! Let’s all unite to create a more sustainable, and peaceful planet where every being can enjoy equality and fair treatment when they have earned it.


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  1. Marie, you write so inspiring. Thank you for providing your insight. I must say during lockdown it has been trickly, luckily every day has been vusy for me.

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