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FDN LIFE MAGAZINE - The importance of quality SEO rich website content for your freelance website, digital nomad website, remote website or location independent website



More and more freelancers, digital nomads, remotes, and location independents advertise, promote or sell their products and services via eye-catching websites. The cost involved in paying a developer to create such a website (or going the DIY route), can be a pricey endeavor. Since a lot of thought, organization and planning goes into the development of a design rich website, a large number of resources and time is spent on it.

If your desire is an awesome looking website, fantastic! – Go for it!

The problem is that you might be placing more value on design but sacrificing on other important considerations, such as user-friendliness (ease of use), user experience (UX), and quality website content.

Quality content on a website is essential, if not as relevant as the appearance of your website. Even more so is creating organic, quality SEO website content that is in line with the best SEO practices. That is if you have an interest in search engine discoverability and ranking. If not, skip ahead to our top 5 reasons for creating quality website content.



FDN LIFE MAGAZINE - The importance of quality SEO rich website content for your freelance website, digital nomad website, remote website or location independent websiteWHAT IS ALL THIS FUZZ ABOUT SEO WEBSITE CONTENT?

Why even focus on SEO website content and breaking your head over it?
Is SEO still important considering voice command devices such as SIMI and ALEXA is on the rise?

Yes. SEO is still an important part of website ranking and discoverability, especially for search engines such as Google.
Creating organic, SEO rich website content has the potential to increase the chances of your website being discovered via organic searches, and/or helping your website rank higher up on the page. All of these places you in the position of reaching more users; especially new ones.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

In essence, when we refer to SEO rich website content, we are creating website content that contains keywords specific to searches that rank high for that particular niche or industry, and/or, the keywords a target market uses most often during online searches.

Example: Let’s say a user is interested in finding the best chair for sitting long hours at home. They might type into the search bar something that reads along the lines of: “What is the best chair to sit on for back support during long hours.”

A search engine usually picks up the main keywords first, such as ‘best,’ ‘chair,’ sit,’ ‘back support,’ ‘long hours.’ While secondary keywords (fillers) such as ‘what is the,’ during, etc., comes secondary and is either or not included in a search. The search engine will then look for the closest match to the main keywords and then secondary keywords (if applicable), ultimately providing the user with a list of ‘top results.’

If a website has a blog or product post that reads: “Top 10 Chairs That Provides The Best Back Support For Sitting Long Hours At Work,” and the same primary and secondary keywords are scattered throughout the blog, the search engine is more likely to match the users’ search with that blog (or product, website content or post) compared to one that simply reads: “Best Chairs For Your Back.”

When developing quality content for your website, it is also important to keep in mind which main keywords (and key phrases) rank highest for your niche, and which ones are most often used by your target market. (Since our article today is not about teaching you the basics of SEO and SEO content writing, we will not go further into this subject matter. But we do suggest to get comfortable with finding and using the best keywords for your business and brand.)

FDN LIFE MAGAZINE - The importance of quality SEO rich website content for your freelance website, digital nomad website, remote website or location independent websiteHEH?! WHAT IS QUALITY CONTENT ANYWAY?

Online content has become a jumble of graphics, audio, videos, and written content over the years, but a perfect mixture of these aspects is what creates quality website content.

When quality, organic content is a priority, this economic endeavor can have excellent outcomes for your business. The traffic to your website improves, you get more page and post views, and larger volumes of users (clients) visit your website. Overall, your bottom line can improve.

Though, as with all things in life, the concept of what ‘quality content’ is, differs from person to person. When content writers utter the words, ‘quality, organic content,’ they refer to content that is original and doesn’t appear anywhere else on the Internet (unlikely though 😊), is engaging, reads well and is of value to the reader. In other words, you wrote the content yourself, and from the heart.

When search engines such as Google uses words such as ‘quality, organic content’ they also include the above, but with some T&C* in small print added to the mix that reads along the lines of, ‘quality, organic website content that is search engine optimized.’ This is where SEO content writing experts and SEO marketers come in handy.

When a website owner such as yourself considers writing your own website content, you need to consider the above as well, but also keep in mind who you are in order not to lose your brand identity, values, and purpose.

Finding a balance between all of the above considerations and still adhering to good SEO practices can be a tricky and time-consuming exercise. (But it is achievable.)

Apart from considering SEO, also take into account small features that add to the value of content. These can be anything from focusing on your website’s message, but also paying attention to grammar, spelling, and the presentation and readability of your content.


Not convinced yet that your website requires quality website content?

Ok then. Let’s see if we can help you out with some more information on why we at FDN Life believe all freelancers, digital nomads, remotes and location independents should have quality content on their website:



The information you place on your website must carry some type of value for the reader. This could include reviews of your products, information about your business, or any form of knowledge that holds answers to your reader’s questions. By creating content that has value, the value of your brand also increases.

Consider what information you usually seek out when you visit a website in a particular niche. Do you always study the ‘about us’ page, or do you prefer information in short bullet points? Does the information you seek different from niche to niche? Example, do you want to know all about a company that is in the security industry before you hire them, while not caring much about it when you visit a company’s website that delivers your weekly groceries?

Understanding your target market and creating content as per the value they seek will help increase your website’s popularity and ultimate reach.


Some content will only be relevant for a short period. (Example, Top 10 listicles, and articles tied to a specific year.) Content with a longer lifespan, also known as evergreen content. Evergreen content stays indexed by browsers and increases in value and traffic over time.


Quality content will create more visitors, yes, but it will also lead to more sharing of your website content. Social media and sharing are a large part of business networking and are a great way to generate more traffic.

Example: Google uses Twitter posts (Tweets) to classify content rapidly. Likes on Facebook are used by Bing to rank users when they are logged in. Content is shared on average 27 million times, and 60% thereof, have the names of a brand or product included in the post.


Using a website can be frustrating when the content is hard to navigate and understand. Having clear and easy to use internal links and actuating text will help a lot. Break text up into more straightforward portions, and use images and video’s in between large chunks of text.

Content that is properly displayed and organized provides the reader with a sense of quality, and a sense of quality adds to the value of your website.


Although quality content is important, it will not help much if you have no visitors to read it. Consider making SEO a part of your content strategy.

Google, Bing, and Yahoo all use specific keywords to locate and share blogs, posts, products, services, and even research papers. Knowing how to use keywords optimally will increase the visibility and value of your website.



Content is essential when entering, or continuing, in the online business environment. By creating quality content for your website, it will become of more value over time. Every freelancer, digital nomad, remote and/or location independent (FDN) should consider investing time and resources into creating quality content.



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