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FDN Life Magazine - May to June 2020 Issue 7 - In Conversation With Founder and CEO of IdeaBuddy Nemanja Zunic


In Conversation with Founder & CEO of IdeaBuddy Nemanja Zunic



FDN Life Magazine - May to June 2020 Issue 7 - In Conversation With Founder and CEO of IdeaBuddy Nemanja Zunic

“I believe that the world is composed of dreamers, adventurers and people with guts enough to try and solve any problem that life throws at them. This is essentially very true in the current situation that the world is facing – the Covid-19 crisis. We as entrepreneurs need to forever evolve, be adaptable, and change in a constantly changing world. Ride out the ups and downs, adjust where we must, and soldier on,” said Nemanja Zunic when we connected. Nemanja is the founder and brainchild behind the IdeaBuddy app. �

IdeaBuddy by Nemanja Zunic

“I was born in Serbia, but currently work in Kuwait while simultaneously running my company, IdeaBuddy, remotely.�

My support team is scattered across the globe. The digital age has given us much advancement with regard to remote working, but I still have a preference for face-to-face interaction, where possible.

With that said, I try to give my dues back to my staff. Mentorship and skills development are two strong cogs that keep any business wheel going.�

Even in a remote environment, regular electronic interactions help us to keep in touch. Shared life and work experiences can guide us to better understand each other and our way of doing things and handling situations.

Training and development have also become easier.�

Via online learning and online resources, I can skill my people while they simultaneously gain valuable work experience.�

My two years’ experience as a web application developer and 15 years’ experience in the Telecom industry has left me with a wealth of knowledge. My main focus areas have been marketing and finance, but these came in quite handy when I had to start navigating the tricky road of founding and running my own company”.

FDN Life Magazine - May to June 2020 Issue 7 - In Conversation With Founder and CEO of IdeaBuddy Nemanja Zunic

Not shy of the corporate world, Nemanja enjoys the freedom that entrepreneurship offers. Career growth and financial freedom might be limiting in the corporate world, but the possibilities are endless when you steer your own ship.

“The entrepreneurial environment is a lot more flexible, not just with regards to career growth, but also concerning time management.

I love spending time with my friends and family, as well as my other interests in life – hiking and biking. I am now able to schedule my time to accommodate all my passions – my corporate job, business, hobbies, and family time.”

All that is Nemanja has been captured in IdeaBuddy– The Company that was started purely by accident. “I was prowling the Internet looking for some type of business solution that could help me to plot out my envisioned business idea. No such support or apps were available on the Internet, and I decided to create a solution to the problem.”

IdeaBuddy is any potential entrepreneur’s dream tool. The tool guides you from the basic ideas that you might have for a business venture up to the actual formulation of the business plan. Pricing options differ to accommodate anyone’s budget with a free trial period to start with. The program is flexible enough for you to plot out your ideas and notes, accessible anywhere at any time. Slowly, over time, the pieces of the puzzle then start to fit together, and ideas are born.

In Conversation with Founder & CEO of IdeaBuddy Nemanja Zunic 1

The IdeaBuddy company has been founded on the principles of Trust, Excitement, and Reliability.

Initially, about a year and a half of hard work went into making the IdeaBuddy app a reality. But this was not the end of all the hard work. IdeaBuddy is an ever-evolving project and is always being refined, perfected, and fine-tuned.

“I have quite a hectic schedule, as you might have guessed. Luckily I have a very loving and understanding wife and two kids who support me in everything I do”. Nemanja also cautions that it is important to try and keep some form of balance when you venture out on your own. “New entrepreneurs can fall in the trap of trying to sprint the marathon instead of keeping to a steady pace, possibly leading to burn-out.”

“Company growth is very important to me, and I want IdeaBuddy to grow by leaps and bounds. That is why I try to utilize every opportunity at networking that I can. A tricky task for me as I am an introvert by nature. Even more reason for me to push beyond my personal limitations.

This is also one of the qualities I want my children to inherit. The other quality being to always take kindly to those in need. IdeaBuddy works to support small, independently run businesses.

We try to focus on it even more now during the Covid-19 epidemic than ever before.”

Nemanja Zunic is truly the embodiment of his belief system – “Live your Dreams” and definitely an entrepreneur to keep following.


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