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Practical Steps for Optimal Performance in Remote Working

Working remotely from home or wherever the need arises, is a privilege only recently open to more and more people due to the Covid-19 pandemic. But remote work has its own set of challenges.  No boss is looking over your shoulder.  You are basically in charge of your schedule, and you have to plan your activities according to the client’s deadlines. 

With everything that you have to juggle, how do you continue to effectively run your home office for success?

After several months as a freelance writer working from home, consulting with other remote workers, several practical steps came to light that can help you set up a home office for maximum efficiency:

Setup Your Home Office For Success & Maximum Efficiency 1Get Dressed

Before starting work, get up early, do your morning routine and exercise, shower, and dress up for success. This will switch your brain back into work mode.

Keep A Time Schedule

Plan and schedule your work hours for the next day the night before. This can also be adapted according to your project requirements. It’s important though to keep to a regular schedule, and set work hours. If you want to succeed, you need to commit to working.

Office Space / Desk Space Is Crucial

No one can effectively work while sitting on the floor or lying in bed.  You should at least have a desk area and a proper ergonomic chair to work on.

Keep Temperature to an Acceptable Level

If your work area is too cold, you are going to freeze.  If it is too hot, you might end up feeling lethargic.  

Setup Your Home Office For Success & Maximum Efficiency 2Minimalist Décor

Nothing will be more frustrating than having to move around ornaments every time you are working on a big project. Keep décor minimalist yet inspiring in your office space to facilitate pro-activity and to help counteract distractions.

Proper Headphones

Get quality ones! Headphones are essential today for a home office. Use them for transcription work or during a video conference with a potential client. 

Invest In / Download Proper Software

Depending on your type of work, make sure you utilize the latest software available.  Quality software aids efficiency.

MBS 2020 Business Planner - Colorful Hezagon Cover - Option 1Business Planner is a Must!

A physical business planner works better than an online, digital one. Invest in a proper business planner so that you can schedule and track deadlines, and record project milestones.

Computer Backups and Virus Protection

It is crucial to ensure that your virus protection software on your computer is up to date.  Just as important is the need for regular backups of work completed.  When doing this, remember to keep your work safe and confidential.

Vision Board

A vision board does just what it says. Keeps your eye on your goals and vision.  

Setup Your Home Office For Success & Maximum Efficiency 3Keep it Green

Adding a plant to your work area can provide some much-needed fresh oxygen, and filter out toxic particles. There are several recommended in-house plants to choose from, such as the Snake Plant, Azalea, Bamboo Palm, or Golden Pothos.

Utilize these tips and tricks to ensure your workspace is an effective, productive space to help you be the best and most effective remote worker ever. 


Happy working!

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