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“Taking care of our health is a habit. Goodwill is great but not enough to create strong habits.”

D o you want to live the digital nomad lifestyle to the fullest?

Travel the world, going on jungle treks, swimming with whale sharks, speak different languages, go canyoning, meet local people, learn how to surf, and all that while working from your laptop?

I guess your answer is YESSS as you are reading this magazine. Well, the wonderful thing is that it is possible, but one thing is for sure: you’ll need a hell lot of energy!

As a digital nomad myself, I know how we can get caught up in this hectic lifestyle and tend to forget to take some time for our wellbeing and our health. The thing is, that if you don’t make a conscious choice to invest time in our health, this lifestyle will quickly drain you emotionally and physically.

I’m pretty sure you know what healthy means in terms of nutrition, fitness, and mindset. But how can you apply these principles easily while traveling? Here are my favorite tips:

Traveling in Asia or South America especially, it can be hard to find restaurants that serve fresh veggies that are not swamped in oil. My solution: vegetarian and vegan restaurants usually offer healthy meals mainly made with veggies and whole foods.

My secret weapon to finding them anywhere on this planet: the app Happy Cow, which lists all the vegetarian/vegan restaurants in the world! Trust me; I have found the best restaurants while traveling thanks to this app (you can trust me on this I’m French :p)

Short on time, space and money but still want to get a good sweat and increase your strength while traveling?
You actually only need two things: a pair of running shoes and a resistance band.
With that, you can do resistance bands HIIT workouts.
Why should you? Because it’s short
(20 to 30 min maximum) and very effective! You’ll burn a lot of calories, gain strength and improve your endurance at the same time (next time you’ll be running up that volcano!)

Being your own boss, not having wifi for a client call, being stuck in a bus for 12 hours… the digital nomad lifestyle can be stressful! Make sure you find ways to cope with stress. Meditate and being grateful daily for the amazing life that you created for yourself can help with that.

Don’t know how to meditate? Try out the app Headspace; they offer ten free meditation sessions. As for being grateful, start a gratitude journal and list out three things you are thankful for every single day, it’s that easy.

Taking care of our health is a habit. Goodwill is great but not enough to create strong habits. There are actually specific techniques and tools you can use to create long-lasting healthy habits that will enable you to thrive on this lifestyle.


I’m Ines, and I’m a plant-based fitness coach who focuses on mindset and the power of habits to create positive changes in women’s life. As I always say, learning is great, and I thank you for reading this article, but implementation is key. Build on that momentum and sign up for my free 5 Days email course to reset your health through micro-habits here.

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