For Freelancers, Digital Nomads, Remotes, Location Independents & Entrepreneurs

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What is an FDN?

At FDN Life we refer to anyone who is interested in the freelance, digital nomad, remote, startup, side hustle, location independent business, startup or entrepreneur field as an FDN.

The FDN Work-Lifestyle

  • FDN’s can be based anywhere in the world, as is often the case with digital nomads and location independents, or work from home, such as freelancers, startups, side hustlers and entrepreneurs.

  • FDN’s aspire to a work-life balance and earn their own living through freelancing or offering their products and services.

  • FDN’s often seek an independent lifestyle where they determine their own work hours and are in charge of their own life and career.

"FDN Life is perfect for freelancers, digital nomads, remotes and location independents."


FDN Life Is Perfect For You, If You . .​

  • Run a freelance, online, location independent, startup or entrepreneurial business – or aspire to.
  • Are a location independent, entrepreneur, startup, expat or stay at home freelancer – and/or aspire to become one.
  • You want to connect, share, help or find helpful information on freelancing, the DN lifestyle, location independent business, starting a business and/or entrepreneurship.
  • You are a fan of FDN Life Magazine and enjoy or want to contribute to the FDN community.


Mission & Vision

We are on a mission to create the best, and first quality digital work and lifestyle platform and magazine for everything freelance, digital nomad, remote, location independent and entrepreneur related, to entertain, support, help and inspire fellow FDN’s.


Rules & Guidelines

To ensure a safe, enjoyable and secure environment for all FDN Life members, we have rules and values we adhere to.

Read our Rules & Guidelines.

About 2
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