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Issue #5 Is FREE!

Happy New Year!

To thank you for your support during 2019, we decided to offer the January – February 2020 issue of FDN Life Magazine free.

Share it with your friends, family and colleagues as you wish. Blessed 2020!



The New Year is here!
May 2020 be the year of great and wonderful happenings.

At FDN Life, we kick off the year with our goals for 2020 set, our admin and accounting all up to date, and our minds and bodies ready for the challenges and achievements the new year holds. We hope that you also feel the energy and inspiration of a new year, but if you don’t, there is still time to change things around for the better.

In this issue, we look deep within ourselves for the answers to difficult questions such as how to get unstuck from destructive behaviors or habits in our Mentor Series featuring Mentor of the Year, the late Jim Rohn. We also explore what’s in store for FDNs in 2020 in our investigative article THE GIG-ECONOMY 2020: Knowing What’s in Store for Your Freelance, Digital Nomad, Remote or Location Independent Business In 2020.

FDN Life writer Zoha Khan searched for The Top 3 Countries That Offer e-Residency if you are interested in establishing a global, digital company without the usual constraints of company law. She also features the best payment methods if you are an FDN living in a 3rd world country without access to Stripe or Paypal.

 If you are in the mood to travel, join us on our journey to the beautiful city of Tallinn, Estonia. Get lost in a maze of cobblestone streets and quaint 12th – 18th-century architecture as we explore Old Town and Toompea.

Are you a digital nomad struggling with mental and physical health? FDN Life writer Nathalia da Silva is a digital nomad herself and shares her insight on maintaining your Mental & Physical Health As A Digital Nomad in her latest article for FDN Life.

Carien von Backstrom shares her personal story after taking on the freelance lifestyle beginning of 2019, and the strategies she had to learn to overcome procrastination.

Welcome To A New Year – New You!
From FDN Life, we wish you a brilliant and blessed time ahead!

Kind regards,
Rakesh & Marie-Berdine
FDN Life Founders


FDN Life Magazine will from Issue #5 onwards be exclusively available on our website here at FDN Life Magazine. 

DELIVERY METHOD: With the advances in technology, FDN Life Magazine will be produced in an online version only from Issue #5. Please login to your FDN Life account to read FDN Life Magazine issues.

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