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FDN Life Magazine - Issue 5 - How To Get Paid Living In A 3rd World Country If You Are Not Able To Use Stripe Or Paypal


How To Get Paid Living In A 3rd World Country If You Are Not Able To Use Stripe Or Paypal


Holding a cup of hot coffee at 11 pm when most people around are fast asleep, sits a freelancer from their home office. They regularly check to ensure their laptop is charged 100%, Skype is switched on and the mic is working. They are ready to greet and update their client who has just made their way into the office in another part of the world.

This is what it looks like for most of us freelancers working from third world countries for clients from foreign soil. Most often, we toil all night long until the early-morning hours to earn a decent living. Working these hours to overcome the time-gap is necessary for many a freelancer, as most foreign clients find it cumbersome to hire a freelancer not able to work during the hours they are available.

Getting the income generated as a result of working with clients from other countries, demands labor on a whole new level when it comes to retrieving it. With already too much on our plate, one would think getting paid in the 21st century should be just a few clicks away. But instead, freelancers in third world countries have to struggle due to the unavailability of giants such as PayPal and Stripe. Receiving funds is one of the major issues for freelancers from third-world countries, and this often brings the progress levels of the freelancers’ to a halt, leaving their FDN careers hanging in mid-air.

Fortunately, considering this disconnect, a lot of other options have emerged as viable online payment facilitators. If you are a freelancer hailing from a third world country, do not despair. There are a couple options out there to help you in successfully combatting your payment woes.


Is a global payment option with the primary focus on providing a bridge between freelancers and their clients regardless of geographical position.

Payoneer, so far, has been the most sought after payment solution due to its massive audience. Therefore, chances are that most clients will happily make payments via the platform. With Payoneer, it’s free to receive payments in the same currency, while there is a 2% transfer fee for payments in foreign currency.

Currently the most widely used payment gateway among freelance communities in third world countries, Payoneer has established itself as a favorite and preferred payment gateway.

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A popular alternative to PayPal, Skrill comes with minimal fees for currency conversions in addition to being a good option for those in third world countries. Moreover, Skrill is way cheaper than PayPal in terms of conversion fees.

If you are a freelancer belonging to a third world country, you must already know the challenges of working at average rates and trying to generate a decent amount of money through online work. Skrill has definitely made it easier to pay less for transactions, helping us earn more.


Specializes in wire transfers on a global scale. Transfer fees are relatively low, with many clients comfortable using Western Union. Hence, the majority of freelancers use it. And why shouldn’t we? It’s a hassle-free service that works.

Western Union payments are sent through a credit-, debit- or bank account. All the transactions have a tracker called MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number) provided by the client, which is to be presented before a Western Union agency.


2Checkout is a safe payment platform dedicated to freelancers, especially working from third world countries. They support all the countries except for the ones restricted by OFAC. These countries include Iran, Cuba, Myanmar/Burma, Sudan, Syria, and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

Your account must have $300 to be able to receive payments made through a wire or bank transfer.

Are you from a third world country and struggling to get paid for your work? Give any of the above payment options a try.

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