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FDN Life Magazine - May to June 2020 Issue 7 - Top 12 Exercises You Can Do At Home To Stay Fit - Fitness


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The Corona pandemic and subsequent calls for social distancing and related lockdown have left us all perplexed. Nobody has ever experienced something like this before. There are no user guides or manuals available on Google that can guide us on this journey.

In the exercise environment, the same applies.

For the sake of sanity and general wellbeing, it is important to try and stick to some sort of exercise routine. Even if it is just anything from 10 to 30 minutes per day.

Not all people are privileged enough to have exercise equipment, home gyms or swimming pools available that can be utilized effectively in these circumstances.

Thank goodness most of us have got ample stuff at home that can be used just for these situations – paint cans, tins of food, bottled water / milk, even household stairs, and the odd piece of furniture will prove to be very useful.

Depending on the type of exercise you are planning to do, make sure you have one or two of the equal weight type of items available.

All good exercise mentors advise that you should try and focus on all important areas of your body when exercising. The following is a basic guide of exercises that cover some of the basic areas of the body



This is a modern new exercise trend that recently took the world by storm.�

It seems simple enough, but provides an awesome workout for the stomach and also strengthens the legs and arms. �

Planking requires you to rest on your elbows on the floor with your arms bent.�

Legs are kept straight. Resting on your toes, keep your body slightly elevated above the ground. Hold for a few seconds at a time and repeat.

Back Extensions

This exercise is not too complicated and may even seem fairly ineffective. But take heart, appropriately done gives a great workout.

Lie flat on your stomach on an exercise mat, towel, or soft carpet. Bend your arms so that you hold them behind your ears. Lift your upper body as much as possible while at the same time keeping your legs and stomach on the floor. �

Return to the starting position and repeat. Take care, not to overexert yourself or cause injury.�


Bicep Curls

You can use two filled 2l bottles of water / milk or soda for this one. (Word of caution – make sure the bottle caps are on tight, or else you are going to be cleaning afterward). It can be done alternating one or two arms at a time. �

Stand upright, holding a bottle in hand. Lift your arm up until your fist is at shoulder level. Slowly lower your arm back down again and repeat. You can start with two sets of 10 to 15 each per arm


Place a chair a bit away from you. Facing away from the chair while still keeping your hands resting on the chair.�

Dip down with your buttocks and bend your legs. Do not go down all the way to the ground. Do about two sets of 10 to 15 each.


This can be done without having to row on the water or using the machine in the gym. Standing upright with straight legs, bend forward. Using a bottle of water or a can of paint, lift it up until your arm is bent so that your elbow is in line with the side of your body. Do two reps of 10 to 15 each per arm.  �



Make sure you have enough space so that you don’t bump into any furniture when completing this one. Stand with your legs hip wide apart. Squat down until your legs are bent almost to a 90 ͦͦ angle with your upper body slightly bent forward. You can also do about two sets of 10 to 15 each.  


Lunges are similar to taking a giant step, then going back to the starting position. Be careful not to bob around while doing this exercise. Posture is important. Take a slow step forward, hold for a bit, and then return back to the starting position.�

Alternating, legs all the way through.
You can also do two sets of 10 to 15 each.�



Walking is always an excellent form of moderate exercise. Depending on space, you can either walk around the garden, the interior of the house, or even on the spot. A more informal way of exercising can be to get up and walk around while talking on the phone or even when chatting with family members in the house.


If you have a garden, you can always try jogging around the perimeter of the yard if you prefer. Just take care of uneven spaces or protruding roots in the garden; you don’t want to take a tumble.


If you are blessed to stay in a double-story house or even have a few steps available in the house, this can be ideal. You have a natural stair master at home. Just take care when you speedily move up and down the stairs, not to trip and fall. �


Dancing is a fun and relaxing way to get an overall body exercise. Put on some fun music and rope in the family to join in. The Skye is the limit with this one, and you can do anything from ballroom, freestyle, hip hop to ballet – whatever tickles your fancy. �


If whether or available resources permit, swimming is a fun exercise to do, which will challenge all of the muscles in your body. The internet has some wonderful exercise programs available that specifically focus on swim training and stroke correction.�

With so many available options to keep us active and on the go, there is no excuse not to exercise. Browse through the above guide and try and decide what type of exercise regime will work with your body and mental state of mind, as well as the available space.





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